You’re SO over NOT being over him.


Time passing ISN’T helping.

Neither is obsessively stalking his IG page.

Or his sister's.


You’ve tried ALL the things.

Therapy. Yoga.  Meditation. A gazillion self-help books.

And you’re ashamed to tell a soul (Fine. Maybe that ONE non-judgmental bestie) you spent $250 on a psychic, only leaving you MORE FUCKED in the head…

“She said there’s a chance he’ll come back!”

Even if you didn’t call 1-900-PSYCHIC, you KNOW that beyond desperate feeling where you’d pay, do, or give ANYTHING to make this excruciating pain go away.

Even for a MOMENT of relief.

But NOTHING’s worked.


Until now.

You’ve come to the right place, my love.


First, you should know, THERE ISN’T ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Even if you’re experiencing similar symptoms I had during the aftermath of my rock-bottom relationship…


Weight loss.

Clumps of hair falling out.

Barely any energy to function in your day to day.


Taking a shower feels like a major accomplishment.


It’s MOST uncomfortable and a little scary, but SO NORMAL when you’re HEARTBROKEN, my love.

Heartbroken over his multiple betrayals.

Heartbroken over the future he promised you.


And heartbroken over the loss of YOURSELF, as you reflect back now on ALL the BS you put up with.


Like his disappearance for hours on end, having no clue where he is or who he’s with.

His stories constantly changing, EVERY TIME you challenged him on his shady behavior.


His ability to make YOU the crazy person for even suggesting he might not be as loyal and committed as he claimed. 

And for the life of you, despite knowing on an intellectual level that you deserve WAY more…


You just can’t seem to get him out of your head or heart.

Here’s where I come in...

My course, STOP WANTING HIM BACK & FIND SOMEONE BETTER, shows you EXACTLY how to put your pain, angst, longing, exhaustion, shame, and inability to eat, to REST.





I then teach you how to authentically FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.

No grey-area’d, VAGUE CONCEPTS of what self-love “should” look and feel like.


And I get it…

The thought of loving you right now sounds really unappealing as you pine over the guy who STOPPED loving you.

But, if you ever want to find the REAL kind of love that I finally found—that UNABASHED, PASSIONATE, EMOTIONALLY STABLE, FUN & SECURE, LOVE—you’ve got some serious cleaning up to do with the love for YOURSELF, FIRST.

It’s not lame.
It’s not BS.
It’s the TRUTH.




Just like I did.






Even if you CAN’T FATHOM the thought of someone else right now, my PROVEN FORMULA will be waiting for you WHEN YOU’RE READY, in this lifetime-access course for $597.


Nope, I'm not lying.


$597 for access to almost 60 videos and worksheets that will support you in creating these three results:


  • Stop wanting him back

  • Fall in love with you

  • Find someone better


Dating doesn’t have to be brutal.


Your past relationships with unavailable men don’t have to be the reason you now have trust issues.


You can still have that long-lasting, Hollywood romance you so badly want, that someone told you along the way was too unrealistic.


You deserve actions lined up with flowery, over-the-top words.

And you deserve to share this one precious life with a partner who demonstrates the unconditional love you KNOW deep down inside, underneath all that not-enough BS, you are most worthy and CAPABLE of creating.

STOP WANTING HIM BACK & FIND SOMEONE BETTER is the FINAL DESTINATION in your healing-heartbreak & finding-love journey.

A one-stop-shop, if you will, on ALL you need, in order to create your MOST EPIC love story.

Are you ready to create YOUR FAIRY TALE ENDING?



Course Benefits

Let Go of Mr./Ms. Wrong

Fall In Love With You

Find Someone Better

  • A Healed Heart.

  • Clarity on how you got yourself entangled with him/her in the first place.

  • A DRAMA-FREE love-life.

  • Your appetite back.

  • Restful nights.

  • Authentic self-ownership, regardless of what he/she or anyone thinks.

  • Genuine love for who you see in the mirror.

  • The ability to focus, be present and ENJOY the rest of your life.

  • Wake up with a purpose for YOU and you alone.

  • A romantic love you’ve never known, that was WORTH all the heartache and pain.


Here's What You'll Learn






  • How to manage your obsessive, spirally, stubborn thoughts.

  • How to redirect your love for him/her back to YOU.

  • How to actually have FUN dating—yes, even on the apps!

  • How to STOP attracting Mr./Ms. Unavailables

  • How to call in your dreamiest partner, leaving you beyond GRATEFUL what’s-his/her-face is OUTTA
    THE PIC.


Ready to FINALLY put an end to all of your drama and turmoil?

Peace & Calm for $597?

What You Get


4 modules that include almost 60 pre-recorded
videos and printable worksheets to support you in your
healing heart/finding love journey.
(No live coaching)




  • Learn the two main mindset tools you’ll be using throughout the entire course, and when to use which tool.
  • A list of do’s and dont's to make you most successful in your thought work.
  • Nip blaming yourself in the bud.
  • How to know the right length of time it will take for YOUR individual results.
  • 3 core values to remember throughout the course that will support you in stopping wanting him back and finding someone better.
  • How to avoid course overwhelm.



  • How to cut contact and why it’s so important.
  • Permission to grieve.
  • HOW to consciously grieve.
  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. AKA Tapping.
  • When to let your heart break & when to self-coach.
  • What daily self-coaching looks like
  • Manage thoughts on him making you less of a priority.
  • Work through the stubborn attachment of wanting him back.
  • Learn self-compassion for feeling the way you do.
  • Release yourself from the grip of him not wanting you.
  • Navigate through your desires for revenge.
  • What to do when you’re not sure if the work is working.
  • Exploration on the concept of forgiveness—is it necessary?
  • How to know when you’re ready for the next step to love yourself.



  • What dating yourself actually looks like & why it’s important.
  • Heal your thoughts on the other woman.
  • Release the stigma of being single
  • LOVE being single (a CRUCIAL step before finding him).
  • Love who you see in the mirror.
  • How to love on your body more.
  • How to handle loneliness.
  • Boundaries with mutual friends of your ex.
  • Get clear on why love IS in the cards for you.
  • Find a purpose for YOU and you alone.
  • Explore the meaning of what success looks like for you.
  • How to handle him/her SMELLING that you’ve moved on. (Don’t they always?!)
  • What to do with your longing for ANY man during this special time for you.
  • How to know you’re READY to find someone better.



  • Manage your fear of getting hurt again.
  • Stop attracting unavailable men
  • Get clear on who you want to attract.
  • Clean up your WHY on who you want.
  • Become the woman who will attract your dream guy.
  • Create a BELIEF MAN PLAN.
  • How to KNOW your ideal guy exists
  • Clean up your drama about the dating apps.
  • Create a STELLAR dating profile.
  • Consciously evaluate each person you meet.
  • Manage your brain worrying about your biological clock ticking.
  • How to commit to BEING future you in your ideal relationship while dating in the PRESENT.
  • How to move through the fear when you start to like someone.
  • Figure out whether this guy is simply busy OR he’s just not available.
  • The importance of taking things slowly (doesn’t necessarily mean not sleeping with him too soon) and what that looks like for you.
  • Once you’ve found him… THEN WHAT?!

Meet Claire - Your Heartbreak/Finding Love Coach

Claire Byrne, AKA, Claire the Heartbreak Coach, took what she learned from her tireless efforts to heal her most debilitating heartbreak & find the love of her life, and turned it into a service that now helps women stop wanting Mr./Ms. Wrong back, and find someone better!

She's the resident Heartbreak Coach for Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle site, POOSH. Other publications she's written for include Men’s Health, Brit + Co, Thrive Global, and Molly Sims' lifestyle site.

Finally, you can check out Claire's weekly podcast, Stop Wanting Him Back & Find Someone Better on all major platforms.


"Claire’s course is worth 10 times the amount. I’m self-coaching on a whole new level, and am having such profound breakthroughs that even my therapist was like, “wow you did 3 months of inner work in 2 days!” I came up with THIRTY-FIVE reasons why I DON’T want him back, and just that ALONE felt so liberating. I feel like MYSELF again."

-Juliana G.

April G.

"Claire is THE expert on heartbreak, and I firmly believe there is no one better. Anyone who's heartbroken or is needing help manifesting her ideal relationship, look no further. Despite some tough moments I had coming to grips with a true awareness of myself, I always knew I was in the right hands with Claire.

Claire’s coaching is priceless. She’s tough, but HILARIOUS, and helped me fall more in love with myself, which in turn, helped me find the best and healthiest relationship I have ever been in... all throughout a pandemic,
I must add.

My results—including this handsome guy, speak for themselves!"

Ashley K.

"When my 7-year relationship ended, I was an emotional wreck. Initially, I was wishy-washy about connecting with Claire, but one day, I was so down, my gut said to reach out... I'm so glad I did because I can now proudly say, THIS PROCESS WORKS!

Not only did I completely get over my ex in FOUR MONTHS, but I've gained a healthier state of mind and new-found confidence that has carried over to not just my love-life, but my relationships with family and friends. I have a better understanding of my emotions and now have strategies to advocate for myself in how I want to think, feel, and show up, in ALL situations. I liked Claire's professional honesty but also felt like I was talking to a friend.

It was overall a hard journey that wasn't always an upward trajectory, but SO WORTH IT. Now I'm setting standards for myself as a HAPPY single woman in her search for love, and continue to show up for the work!"

"To say that this course transformed my life is an understatement. Claire is kind, warm, open, intuitive and sharp to the point that I think she may actually be psychic. She will teach you how to manage your thoughts, AND teach you how to plow through them in a different direction, in order to heal your heart."

-Rachel O.



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